Elliot and his family

Elliot is a lovely, energetic six year old boy. He lives in Bournemouth with his Mum Morwenna, Dad James, his little brother Lucas, little sister Jocelyn and their three guinea pigs, Piggy, Funny and Missy.

At the Ellingham show, 2013

Elliot faces more challenges than most six year old boys. He has cerebral palsy, which means he has difficulty walking and balancing. He uses tripod walking sticks to move around short distances and is learning to self propel in a wheelchair for longer distances.  This means, that even though he has pretty good movement in his hands, they are never free to pick up his toys or even to hold someone's hand. He also has severe Haemophilia A, and every other day his Mum and Dad have to administer prophylactic treatment to minimise the risk of spontaneous bleeds into his limbs or joints. Elliot's Mum and Dad have been taught how to give him treatment at home so they are able to inject him with recombinant Factor VIII which allows his blood to clot properly. Elliot's understanding and knowledge of medical procedures is amazing and he's very helpful at reminding Mum and Dad how to set up and administer his 'super powers'!!

Elliot and Buzz having 'Super Powers'.

Elliot loves clocks and everything about them especially grandfather clocks and aspires to own one someday. He is also really into farming and his favourite place to go on holiday is to stay with his Great Granny who lives on a farm in Devon. Because of this, he is a great fan of tractors and likes to drive his own motorised mini John Deere around the garden at home since he's not quite big enough to drive the real tractor on the farm by himself! He loves dressing up and acting out stories with Lucas and Jocelyn. This month the favourite topic is pirates...(he told his head teacher she was going to have to walk the plank!)


Elliot attends St. Katharine's, a local mainstream primary school, where he's doing really well. He's just started to learn the recorder (much to mum and dad's delight) and has decided to join the lunchtime choir group. He challenged one of the members of staff to a wheelchair race on sports day last term and showed his determined streak in a trike race. Winning a trophy has been one of his proudest moments and the trophy has pride of place in his collection of 'precious things'. Check out the pictures below from sports day!  

The Trike Race 2013
Lining up on the grid....

Elliot's off to a flying start!

Elliot's determined! The compettition can't keep up!

On the home straight... Eat my dust!!

The Wheelchair Race 2013

Mr Nash takes an early lead...

...but Elliot overtakes him for the trophy.

Elliot is very close to his extended family and especially his Grandparents who help out in all aspects of family life, including childcare allowing Mum and Dad to work full time. He is very discerning about who he likes looking after him as he has been reliant on grown-up support all of his life to help him move around and keep him safe.  Although Elliot has a very busy schedule with all his medical appointments on top of the usual school demands, he sees his relatives as often as possible and his Mum and Dad try to arrange regular family meals and outings.  Sometimes these can get pretty big!!

Christmas Day, 2011

All of Elliot's family's income goes on the mortgage for their three bedroom semi-detatched house and the usual costs of working and bringing up a family - food, bills, travelling to work.  There are additional costs of caring for Elliot, including provision of specialist equipment such as his therapy tricycle, adapted seating and even clothing alterations so he can be as indepedent as possible.  Of course there are also the frequent visits to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. On top of this, at the moment, the physiotherapy Elliot requires to prepare him for the SDR operation, costs £900 per month.  It's unaffordable but already there are different people contributing and fundraising - and this gives us hope for raising the full amount for the operation.

Elliot and Kat working on balancing and stretching during a 'prehab' session.


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