Thursday 8 May 2014

You've done it

You've done it for Elliot.  You've collectively raised the £66,300 fundraising target, in only 6 months!

Even though we've watched the funds grow rapidly over the last few months, it still feels like the most amazing surprise.

A huge number of you have contributed your time, your own money, your talents and your enthusiasm. How can we possibly thank you enough? Hopefully you'll be able to follow Elliot's progress after the operation and see the huge impact that you, however you've been able to contribute, will have made to his mobility and quality of life.

We don't currently have an exact date for the operation but Great Ormond Street Hospital have told us that it should be well in advance of the summer holidays, so we'll get a date through soon and keep you all posted.

We've got one more thing to ask of you.  Very soon we will be writing a post about how you and we have achieved this together to share with other families who are going through the same stressful times.  We'll be asking you to share this far and wide so that we can increase the chance we will reach other families wanting SDR for their children, to let them know that it IS possible, it CAN be done!

We thought this would be a really long blog post but actually there's only so much we can say, and it's basically a very, very big THANK YOU.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this stuff with us. I really liked it and glad to read this post. You must attach some images of your experience.