Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Great News

Hi, it's Elliots dad, James, here. I wanted to update you on our donations service. We have changed from Fundrazr, who have done a sterling job, over to a Just Giving page. We have asked Tree of Hope to be the charity that we can run Operation Elliot through, so if donations are made they will go to Tree of Hope and then on to Operation Elliot and in that way we can use the Gift Aid scheme to add to the pot which is just a brilliant bonus! The Fundrazr page will still be active for a while yet as we have sent out Facebook updates and flyers all over the place with their address on them but we are starting to spread the word about the Just Giving page and if you have shared or mentioned our campaign can you possibly share again and mention that we now are running with the assistance of the Tree of Hope charity so any donations are now charity donations and Operation Elliot wont get charged for them at all. Thank you!

1 comment:

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